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Testing Applications

Bend/Flex Testing

As the demand for high quality and reliable components and materials increases, flexural or bending tests have become an important test method in both the manufacturing process and research and development to define a material’s ability to resist deformation under load. A component’s or material’s flexural strength provides high level of understanding into the modulus of elasticity in bending, flexural stress and flexural strain. Bend testing measures the ductility of materials. Bending tests may involve taking the sample material to a specific limit and determining the load measurement and its relationship to a load specification (pass/fail). This is known as...

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Coefficient of Friction Testing

Coefficient of friction testing measures the ease with which two surfaces in contact are able to slide past one another. There are two different values associated with the coefficient of friction – static and kinetic. Static friction must be overcome in order to initialize motion between the two surfaces, and kinetic friction is the resistance to sliding once the surfaces are in relative motion. Coefficient of Friction (COF) is the maximum value of the frictional force divided by the normal force. Because surface cleanliness is so important to gathering reliable data, appropriate measures must be taken to ensure freedom from...

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Packaging, Seal Strength Testing

Package seal strength testing shows the peel separation force required to separate two flexible materials that are bonded together. This test is also called a T-Peel test. Applications Testing the seal on a sterilization pouch (Sterile Barrier System). Test the seal on food packaging Purpose Confirm the reproducibility of the sealing process. Create a baseline to screen for changes negatively affecting the packaging seal. Determining if hot tack is creating a good seal. Adherence to design specifications Ease of opening for the user. Determine the packaging's ability to protect product with the package. Standards ASTM F88/F88M Standard Test Method for Seal...

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