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Testing Applications — Test Types

Ductility Testing

Ductility involves determining the extent by which a material can withstand plastic deformation without rupture. A bend test for ductility provides a simple way to evaluate the quality of materials by their ability to resist cracking or other surface irregularities during one continuous bend. With a ductile fracture, there is a considerable amount of plastic deformation prior to failure. Ductility is extremely important in metalworking, as materials that crack or break under stress cannot be manipulated using processes for metal forming, such as hammering, rolling, and drawing. Malleable materials can be formed using stamping or pressing, whereas brittle metals and...

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Compression Testing

Compression testing is used to determine compression strength, usually applied to materials of high compression but low tensile strength, in which the specimen is subjected to increasing compressive forces until failure occurs. Compression tests are used to determine the material behavior under a load. The maximum stress a material can maintain during a defined time period under a load (constant or progressive) is determined. A compression test determines behavior of materials under crushing loads. The specimen is compressed and deformation at various loads is recorded. Compressive stress and strain are calculated and plotted as a stress-strain diagram which is used...

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