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Accessories and Replacement Parts Thread and Eye End Adapters

Adapters and Fittings with a Male 5/8" Eye End

Adapters and Fittings to mount grips that have 5/8" [15.9 mm] eye ends to test stands, load cells and force gauges.
Models: AC1045, AC1045-1, AC1045-2
  • Thread sizes of #10-32F, 5/16-18F, 1/2-20M.
  • Eye end diameter of 15.8 mm.
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Models: AC1047, AC1047-1, AC1047-2, AC1047-3, AC1047-4
  • Male Eye End to Male Thread Adapter.
  • Thread sizes of #10-32M, 5/16-18M, 1/2-20M, 1/4-28M.
  • Eye end diameter of 15.8 mm.
$61.75 to $76.00 Sale
Models: A158-59, A158-119, A158-317, A317-317
  • Male eye end to male eye end conversion. Diameters (mm): 15.8 to 5.9, 15.8 to 11.9, 15.8 to 31.7.
$105.00 to $220.00
Models: A158-59
JLW Instruments
  • 15.8 mm eye end post, 8 mm Clevis pin
  • 5.9 mm eye end post, 2.5 mm Clevis pin
Regular price $220.00
Models: G1088
  • Tightens and loosens Mark-10 Eye Ends.
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Models: AC1047-1
  • Male 5/8" eye end adapter to 5/16-18M thread
  • Mount grips that have a 5/8" eye end to most Mark-10 test stands.


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Models: A158/8-12/6
  • Mount a grip or fixture that has a 5/8" eye end to an Instron Type O connection.
  • Side A: 5/8" [15.8 mm] male eye end with 8 mm diameter clevis pin
  • Side B: Instron Type Om fitting, 12 mm with 6 mm clevis pin
Regular price $105.00