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Application Specific Testers

Models: ESM303-COF
  • ESM303 Motorized Test Stand with accessories for COF testing
Regular price $5,438.75
Models: WT-750M
JLW Instruments
  • Gauge sizes: AWG 10-AWG 0000
Regular price $8,750.00
Models: WT3-201M
  • AWG30-AWG 3 [0.01-0.25 in]
  • Settable speed
  • 200 lbf Force Capacity
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Models: WT3-201
  • Quick-action lever operation
  • Wire gauge range: AWG30 – AWG3
  • Force Capacity: 200 lbF (1 kN)
  • Outputs: USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, analog, set points
  • Auto output / data storage / zero upon sample break
Regular price $2,085.25 Sale
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