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Motorized Test Stands

Motorized test stands can go by many different names; universal testing machine, tensile testers, force testers and material test systems to name a few. These machines combined with grips and fixturing can be used in a wide range of test types and materials.

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Models: LS1, LS2.5, LS5
Lloyd Instruments
  • LS1, 1 kN Capacity
  • LS2.5, 2.5 kN Capacity, 55.1" Travel distance 
  • LS5, 5 kN Capacity
  • Extensometers are available with this series.
  • Material test system, software has inputs for material dimensions used in calculations of results such as strain, modulus, yield...
Regular price $99,999.00
Models: LD
Lloyd Instruments
  • Available with capacities of 5 kN, 10 kN, 30 kN and 50 kN.
Regular price $99,999.00