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Universal Cap Grip
0.20"-3.50" Diameter

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Secures samples for torque and pull tests. Applications include bottle cap torque testing, lid pull-off testing, and other tests requiring vise-action. A matrix of threaded holes allows the posts to be placed in positions specific to the test sample, with a broad diameter range of 0.2 - 3.5 in (5.1 - 89.0 mm).

This grip can be used either manually with an R50 torque sensor or TT03 torque gauge, or in test stand controlled applications with the TSTM-DC torque test stand.


| Features and Specifications

  • Maximum Torque: 100 lbF (11.3 Nm)
  • Grip Opening: 0.2 - 3.50 in (5.1 - 89.0 mm)

| Dimensions IN [mm]

 Dimensional drawing of Cap Grip