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Packaging Seal Strength Testing

Package seal strength testing shows the peel separation force required to separate two flexible materials that are bonded together. This test is also called a T-Peel test.

  • Testing the seal on a sterilization pouch (Sterile Barrier System).
  • Test the seal on food packaging
    • Determine the packaging's ability to protect product with the package.
    • Ease of opening for the user.
    • Adherence to design specifications.
    • Confirm the reproducibility of the sealing process. Create a baseline to screen for changes negatively affecting the packaging seal.
    • Determining if hot tack is creating a good seal. 
    • ASTM F88/F88M Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials
    • ASTM D1876 Standard Test Method for Peel Resistance of Adhesives (T-Peel Test)
    Equipment needed

    Ends of the T-Peel sample are clamped using vice grips and pulled using a motorized test stand until the sample as separated. The force required to separate the samples is recorded. 

    Manual test stands are sometimes used for budgetary reasons. Ideally a motorized test stand is used because a constant rate of speed can be used. A manually test stand would not be according to ASTM standards for this type of test.

    Pneumatic is the better choice than manual vice grips when running a higher quantity of tests. 

    Typically a 1 inch wide sample is used for this test and a sample cutter is used to cut these samples.

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      • A-la-carte platform allows for custom configuration as appropriate for the application and budget. 
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