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Torque Sensors and Testers

  • Torque tool testers, cap testers, torque sensors, torque gauges.

Load Cells

  • S-Beam, Miniature, Load Button, etc
  • Designed for measuring tension and compression force. Models available for test stands and indicators.

Manual Test Stands

  • Mechanical test stands with capacities of 100 lbF to 1000 lbF.
  • Manual test stands can prevent inaccuracies from testing by hand. They are inexpensive compared to a motorized test stand. If your test requires controlled speed we recommend a motorized test stand.

Motorized Test Stands

  • Test stands with capacities from 100 lbf [500 N] up to 10,000 lbf [50 kN]
  • Includes simple motorized test stands up to more advanced material test systems. We carry Mark-10, Chatillon and Lloyd Instruments.

Wire Crimp Pull Testers

  • Manual, motorized, handheld and high capacity wire pull testers 
  • Instruments for testing wire connector pull off or pull to a set load. Motorized available allowing a set speed to be used. High capacity machines for testing up to 4/0.

Grips, Fixtures and Adapters

  • Wedge Grips, Vice Grips, COF Fixtures, Eccentric Roller Grips...
  • Large assortment of grips and fixtures for compression and tension testing. 

Sound Level Meters

  • Test acoustic levels for ensuring safe working conditions
  • Sound level meters are used by industrial maintenance as part of preventative maintenance programs; health & safety departments who record acoustic levels during environmental impact studies and inspectors when auditing work environments to ensure safe conditions. 

Safety and Environmental

Dynamometers & Crane Scales

  • Digital and Mechanical Dynamometers
  • Crane scales and dynamometers allow for below the hook weighing. When used properly, crane scales can help prevent or limit unsafe conditions by providing real-time measurement of the operational load.


  • Chargers, Battery Packs, Adapter Plates, Software, Mounting Plates, Thread Adapters, Force Gauge Accessories, Replacement Parts...


  • Force and Torque Measurement Products
  • Designed and manufactured in New York. Products come with a 3 year warranty. Great selection of products for any budget.


AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Force Measurements Instruments. This includes a wide variety of testing as for the Industries of; Plastics, Metals, Textile, Rubber, Paper, Food, Chemical, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Military, Packaging, Construction Cosmetics and many more…


  • Dynamometers and Crane Scales
  • The Dillon product line is one of the oldest and most respected in the field of industrial measurement. For years, Dillon has led the way by creating an innovative line that is tough, reliable and most importantly safe.


  • Hand Dynamometers and Pinch Gauges
  • For over 40 years the JAMAR Hand Dynamometer has been the industry standard for grip strength data collection. Many states use the JAMAR Hand Dynamometer as a standard testing instrument for compensation determinations.