Yogurt Foil Peel Fixture, 30, 45 or adjustable angle



Yogurt cup peel test fixtures are designed to test peel strength of the foil lid.

The following information is needed to quote this type of peel fixture. 

  1. What are the dimensions of the container?
  2. What angle should the yogurt container be held at (30, 45 or variable)?
  3. Will you also need pricing on the top grip for pulling on the foil?
  4. Do you need a full system or just the fixture?

If you need a full system including the test stand and fixture, here are a few questions to answer.

  1. What results or calculation do you need to collect from the test?
  2. What is the force range of the test?

If possible, you can also send us some samples so we can determine the fixture that will best suite your testing.



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