A15.8/8-12/6, Male 5/8" Eye End to Male Instron Type Om Fitting

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This eye end adapter can be used to mount a grip or fixture that has a 5/8" eye end to an Instron Type O fitting.

The grips and fixtures on JLWforce.com will either have a threaded connection, 5/8" eye end connection or 1.25" eye end. This adapter will mount a grip with a 5/8" eye end to an Instron load cell or test stand that has a Type O fitting.

Eye ends are used on most universal testing machines, motorized test stands and some manual test stands. These ends can be used to convert from one size of an eye end to another allowing more options for grips that can be mounted.

Features and Specifications
  • Mount a grip or fixture that has a 5/8" eye end to an Instron Type O connection.
  • Side A: 5/8" [15.8 mm] male eye end with 8 mm diameter clevis pin
  • Side B: Instron Type Om fitting, 12 mm with 6 mm clevis pin
  • Load Capacity: 10 kN [2,250 lbF]
  • Material: Steel, nickel-plated
  • Weight: 213 grams (0.47 lbs) 
Included Items

  • (1) Adapter
  • (2) Locking nuts
  • (1) 8 mm clevis pin
  • (1) 6 mm clevis pin

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