AC1046 Series Eye End Socket for Grips/Fixtures


Choose a model: AC1046 [#10-32M to 5/8" EE Socket]
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AC1046 Series eye end socket adapter kits convert threaded connections on grips and fixtures to and eye end connection. mount to force gauge threaded connections. They have 5/8" [15.8 mm] diameter which is commonly used with test frames, load cells, grips, and force gauges.

Eye end adapters provide a commonly accepted industry method of attaching grips and fixtures to load cells and test frames. They prevent grip rotation and allow for quick removal and installation.


Model No.

Eye End [Fitting] Load Capacity Weight
mm in kN lbF kg lbs
AC1046 #10-32M 15.9 5/8" 1 200 0.15 0.33
5/16-18M 15.9 5/8" 2.5 500 0.15 0.33
1/2-20M 15.9 5/8" 10 2,000 0.16 0.35


Included Items

Model No. Eye End Locking Ring
AC1046 G1083
AC1046-1 G1083-1
AC1046-2 G1083-2

    Eye End Dimensions


    Eye End No.
    Eye End [Fitting] A
    mm in mm in
    G1083 #10-32M 15.9 5/8" 53.3 2.10
    G1083-1 5/16-18M 15.9 5/8" 54.9 2.16
    G1083-2 1/2-20M 15.9 5/8" 58.4 2.30


    G1079 Locking Ring Dimensions

    G1079 Dimensions


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