Motorized Top Load Tester

JLWForce SKU: TLT-100

Model: TLT-100 [100 lbf Capacity]
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The TLT Top Load Tester is a complete system for performing top load testing. It's available as a 100 lbf (TLT-100) or a 300 lbf (TLT-300) system.

The compression plates on this tester have a 6 inch diameter on the bottom and 4.5 inch diameter on the top. This system is capable of testing bottles up to 14 inches in height.

This tester will allow the cross arm to come down until it reaches a preload (top of the sample). Once it has reached preload force it will zero the travel. The cross-arm will then proceed to compress the sample until it meets the programmed travel set-point. After reaching the travel set-point, the cross-arm will return to the starting position and the peak force will be indicated on the force gauge.

This tester is capable of transmitting the results automatically and zeroing the force after a programmable set amount of time.

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