WGX50 Wedge Grip, 50 kN Capacity

JLWForce SKU: WGX50-P17

Jaw Type: Wedge Grip with Pyramid Jaws, Opens 0-17 mm
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Includes 1 wedge grip with jaws and a clevis pin.

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Wedge grips can be used in a variety of tensile testing applications. They can be used for tensile testing of wires, plastics, metals, elastomers and more.

The initial gripping of the sample is done by the jaws tightening as the wedge grip body moves upwards as the handle is rotated. This design keeps the jaws moving horizontally only. No vertical movement of the jaws means there won't be a compression load applied to the test specimen during the initial loading of the sample.The main gripping force is generated during the test by the self-tightening wedging action.

Jaw options include pyramid and V-jaw with different opening sizes. Pyramid jaws are designed for flat samples, V-jaws for round samples.

    Features and Specifications
    • Force capacity:  50 kN [11,240 lbF]
    • Jaw Width: 80 mm
    • Connection: 31.8 mm (1.25") female eye end - Adapters for other sizes


    Jaw Type   Opening Weight of 1 grip with pair of jaws
    Pyramid Jaws
    0-17 mm 0 - 0.67 in 17.27 kg 37.99 lbs
    Pyramid Jaws
    15-30 mm 0.59 - 1.18 in 16.74 kg 36.82 lbs
    Sample Ø 5–17 mm Sample Ø 0.20 - 0.67 17.28 kg 38.02 lbs
    V-Jaws  V-Jaws Sample Ø 16–30 mm Sample Ø 0.63 - 1.18 16.75 kg

    36.85 lbs


    Included Items
    • (1) Wedge Grip
    • (2) Jaws
    • (1) Clevis Pin
    Dimensions (mm)

    Dimensions shown are for the wedge grip with pyramid jaws with an opening of 0-17 mm. It's the same grip as used with the other jaws.
    Dimensions for Wedge Grip


     Eye End Connection Dimensions

    Connection Dimensions


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