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Eccentric Roller Grips

Lloyd Instruments

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Self tightening eccentric roller grips tight as the sample is pulled. These grips are ideal for all types of flat samples, rubber, plastic film, plastic dumbbells, paper and cardboard, sheet metal and foils. 

| Specifications

  • Roller Surface: Smooth [Plain], 25 mm diameter, steel, nickel-plated
  • Body: Aluminum Anodized
  • Backstop: Rubber
  • Clamping Width: 50 mm [2 inches]
  • Sample Thickness: 0-7 mm [.275 inches]
  • Connection: 5/8" [15.9 mm] Integrated Eye End
  • Load Capacity: 1 kN [225 lbf
  • Weight: 0.5 kg [1.1 lbs] each grip
  • Sold as a set of 2 grips.

| Dimensions [mm]

Rubber Eccentric Roller Grips Lloyd Instruments Dimensions


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