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Calibration of Cable Tie Tools
$99 each

Calibrating cable tie tools is necessary to ensure that the tension settings on the tool remain accurate. 

JLW Instruments will calibrate the cable tie tool for $99. With a calibration you will receive a certificate detailing what the tension value was before calibration and after calibration.

The tie tools we calibrate are the Hellerman EVO7, EVOSP, EVO9/EVO9SP, and EVO9HT.

JLW instruments service department has been A2LA accredited (certificate #1753.01) since 2001. Besides calibrating Hellerman cable tie tools we also calibrate force, torque, and pressure instruments. We also calibrate strength analysis equipment.

Sending in your device for calibration

  • Submit your information in the form below or call us at 312-666-0595 to receive an RMA number.
  • Fill out the RMA form and include the RMA number we provided. 
  • Ship the parts to be calibrated, along with a copy of the RMA to the address below.
JLW Instruments
14 N. Peoria St, Suite B-101
Chicago, IL 60607
  • Turn around time is 3-5 business days.

Please call us if you have any questions, 312-666-0595.