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Round Platen Series
Dia [mm] 56, 96, 116, 156, 196
Compression Plates
JLW Instruments

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Compression platens are a commonly used for top load testing, crush testing, and many other types of tests. The plates feature integrated eye ends, and require eye end adapters to mount to force gauges, load cells, and test stands.


  • Compresses samples during testing
  • Platen diameters [mm]: 56, 96, 116, 156, 196 
  • 5/8" [15.9mm] Eye end mounting
  • Available as aluminum or steel
  • Scope of delivery is 1 plate, if a set is needed order 2.
Diameter Weight Material
JLW-56-Alum-Platen 56 mm 2.2 in .2 kg Aluminum
JLW-96-Alum-Platen 96 mm 3.78 in .4 kg Aluminum
JLW-116-Alum-Platen 116 mm 4.6 in .5 kg Aluminum
JLW-156-Alum-Platen 156 mm 6.14 in .7 kg Aluminum
JLW-196-Alum-Platen 196 mm 7.7 in 1.3 kg Aluminum
JLW-56-Steel-Platen 56 mm 2.2 in .4 kg Steel
JLW-96-Steel-Platen 96 mm 3.78 in .8 kg Steel
JLW-116-Steel-Platen 116 mm 4.6 in 1.2 kg Steel
JLW-156-Steel-Platen 156 mm 6.14 in 1.7 kg Steel
JLW-196-Steel-Platen 196 mm 7.7 in 4.1 kg Steel


 Aluminum is a good choice when testing softer material like cardboard and plastics.

Steel should be used when testing harder materials like steel, plastics and stone.

If you need a size or connection that is not shown please contact us and we can quote you a custom platen built to your specifications.