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CS2-225 and CS2-1100 Motorized Test Stand



 The Chatillon® CS2 digital force testers are revolutionary systems optimized for production testing applications, including medical devices, plastics, packaging, textiles, rubber and electronics to name a few. No personal computer is required; no proprietary software is required; no knowledge of programming languages is required.

This easy, flexible and affordable Tester uses a 2 in 1 Laptop Console in both Production and Laboratory environments. Two options are available. Both the CS2-225 and CS2-1100 provide an easy-to-use, intuitive and straight-forward method for tensile, compression, sheer, flexural, peel, or advanced multi-stage testing that conform to ISO or ASTM testing procedures.

With the CS2 you can perform:

  • Limit testing to load, displacement, height or time
  • Break testing—sharp or percentage
  • Multi-stage, cyclic tests and height measurements
  • Peel testing
  • Spring Testing
  • Capture 1st and 2nd Peak
  • RS-232 Auto Result Export

When repetitive testing and exporting of results is important, but you don’t need advanced materials test functionality, the CS2 is an excellent choice.


  • Force measurements made easy: Accurate results, easy programming, maximum throughput and minimal operator training.
  • One-click operation: Simple and intuitive; with one-click access to favorite tests as well as test results.
  • Modern design & technology: Linear guide technology, pre-loaded ball screws, and advanced software compensation ensures high displacement measurement precision. 11 Inch 2-in-1 Laptop Console and easy to use, touchscreen or keyboard.
  • Large, flexible work area: Up to 180 mm throat depth for large specimens and a wide range of grips and fixtures available.
  • Sample testing and quality assurance: Immediate pass/fail output, automatic data export, controlled access levels and barcode scanning functionality
  • Security: Two levels of user access: supervisor and operator. Both can be password protected.
  • Plug & play: A self-contained 2-in-1 Laptop Console using Windows 10 Pro. Just turn on the power and you’re ready to start your test.
  • Saving, Archiving, Exporting Data: Test results are automatically saved and can be recalled to analyze results or to continue testing a batch run. Results and statistics are exported to CSV and PDF formats. Automatic export of results via RS232 interface after each test.


CS2-225 CS2-1100
Load Capacity 225 lbF [1000 N] 1124 lbF [5000 N
Maximum Crosshead Travel 19.7 in [500 mm] 31.5 in [800 mm]
Speed Range 0.001 to 50 in/min
[0.01 -1270 mm/min]
0.001 to 40 in/min
[0.01 -1016 mm/min]
Speed Accuracy (unloaded) ± 1% of selected speed
Crosshead Displacement
Accuracy (unloaded)
± 0.25% of selected speed
Useable Data Sampling Rate 1000 Hz
Outputs Two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port available for USB connections as: Ethernet, RS-232 and Barcode Readers when used with adaptors
Load Cell Force Accuracy
± 0.25% full scale of load cell capacity
Load Cell Force Accuracy
± 0.10% full scale of load cell capacity
Supply Voltage 115 VAC/230 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Weight 115 lb/52 kg 145 lb/66 kg


CLC Series Load Cells

Model Number gf lbf kgf N
CLC-250G 250 0.5 0.25 2.5
CLC-0002 1000 2 1 10
CLC-04-5 2500 5 2.5 20
CLC-0010 5000 10 5 50
CLC-0020 - 20 10 100
CLC-0050 - 50 25 250
CLC-0100 - 100 50 500
CLC-0200 - 200 100 1000
CLC-0500 - 500 250 2500
CLC-1000 - 1000 500 5000



Dimensions in[mm]

CS2 Dimensions


CS2-225 CS2-1100
A - Height 39.4 in [1001 mm] 51.6 in [1310 mm]
B - Width (excluding console) 18.1 in [460 mm]
C - Depth 21.9 in [557 mm]
D - Base Height 4.3 in [108 mm]
E - Throat Depth 7.1 in [180 mm] 5.9 in [150 mm]
F - Crosshead Travel 19.7 in [500 mm] 31.5 in [800 mm]




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