CS2-225 and CS2-1100 Motorized Test Stand



The Chatillon® CS2 digital force testers for tensile compression, peel, flexural and multi-state testing.

The CS2 is available in two capacities 200 lbf (CS2-225) and the CS2-11000 (1000 lbf Capacity).

The software is user-friendly. Test setups can be created and saved making it easy for operators to switch to different tests.

Two access levels for logins are available. A "supervisor" login will allow the creation and editing of test settings. An "operator" level login will allow the user to select and run tests but not edit the test setup. This helps to prevent test settings from unintentionally being changed.

This tester uses a 2 in 1 Laptop Console in both Production and Laboratory environments. 

With the CS2 you can perform:

  • Tensile and compression tests
  • Limit testing to load, displacement, height or time
  • Break testing—sharp or percentage
  • Multi-stage, cyclic tests and height measurements
  • Peel testing
  • Spring Testing
  • Capture 1st and 2nd Peak
  • RS-232 Auto Result Export




  • One-click operation: Simple and intuitive; with one-click access to favorite tests as well as test results.
  • Modern design & technology: Linear guide technology, pre-loaded ball screws, and advanced software compensation ensures high displacement measurement precision. 11 Inch 2-in-1 Laptop Console and easy to use, touchscreen or keyboard.
  • Large, flexible work area: Up to 180 mm throat depth for large specimens and a wide range of grips and fixtures available.
  • Sample testing and quality assurance: Immediate pass/fail output, automatic data export, controlled access levels and barcode scanning functionality
  • Security: Two levels of user access: supervisor and operator. Both can be password protected.
  • Plug & play: A self-contained 2-in-1 Laptop Console using Windows 10 Pro. Just turn on the power and you’re ready to start your test.
  • Saving, Archiving, Exporting Data: Test results are automatically saved and can be recalled to analyze results or to continue testing a batch run. Results and statistics are exported to CSV and PDF formats. Automatic export of results via RS232 interface after each test.
CS2-225 CS2-1100
Load Capacity 225 lbF [1000 N] 1124 lbF [5000 N
Maximum Crosshead Travel 19.7 in [500 mm] 31.5 in [800 mm]
Speed Range 0.001 to 50 in/min
[0.01 -1270 mm/min]
0.001 to 40 in/min
[0.01 -1016 mm/min]
Speed Accuracy (unloaded) ± 1% of selected speed
Crosshead Displacement
Accuracy (unloaded)
± 0.25% of selected speed
Useable Data Sampling Rate 1000 Hz
Outputs Two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port available for USB connections as: Ethernet, RS-232 and Barcode Readers when used with adaptors
Load Cell Force Accuracy
± 0.25% full scale of load cell capacity
Load Cell Force Accuracy
± 0.10% full scale of load cell capacity
Supply Voltage 115 VAC/230 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Weight 115 lb/52 kg 145 lb/66 kg


CLC Series Load Cells


Model Number gf lbf kgf N
CLC-250G 250 0.5 0.25 2.5
CLC-0002 1000 2 1 10
CLC-04-5 2500 5 2.5 20
CLC-0010 5000 10 5 50
CLC-0020 - 20 10 100
CLC-0050 - 50 25 250
CLC-0100 - 100 50 500
CLC-0200 - 200 100 1000
CLC-0500 - 500 250 2500
CLC-1000 - 1000 500 5000

CS2-225 and CS2-1100 Data Sheet
CS2-225 and CS2-1100 User Manual


CS2 Dimensions


CS2-225 CS2-1100
A - Height 39.4 in [1001 mm] 51.6 in [1310 mm]
B - Width (excluding console) 18.1 in [460 mm]
C - Depth 21.9 in [557 mm]
D - Base Height 4.3 in [108 mm]
E - Throat Depth 7.1 in [180 mm] 5.9 in [150 mm]
F - Crosshead Travel 19.7 in [500 mm] 31.5 in [800 mm]


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