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De-lamination Strength Testing in a Sandwich Structure

Peel Testing

  • A climbing drum test is a typical peel testing method used to determine the de-lamination characteristics of adhesives used to bond different materials together. This test covers the determination of the peel resistance of adhesive bonds between a relatively flexible adherent and the relatively flexible facing of a sandwich structure and its core.
    • When the adhesive used is relatively brittle, the peel resistance can often indicate the degree of cure, or to cause a material to bond by permanently cross-linking its molecules. Adhesives cure as they solidify, that is, higher values than normally realized may indicate an incomplete cure. The test involves a measurement to determine the strength of a laminate's bond to a substrate material. It is equal to the tensile load applied divided by the sample width multiplied by the sample's thickness.
    • ASTM C363 / C363M - 09 Standard Test Method for Node Tensile Strength of Honeycomb Core Materials
    • ASTM D1781- Standard Test Method for Climbing Drum Peel for Adhesives
    Equipment needed
    • Climbing drum fixture
    • Vice grip for gripping sample from the top
    • Motorized test stand
    • Load cell
    • Software for calculations


      Thread and Eye End Adapters
      • Adapters to mount grips and fixtures to test stands, load cells and force gauges.
      • Models are available to mount to any brand of equipment.
      • If you don't see what you need please contact us and we can offer the appropriate part.
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