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ESM303-COF Coefficient of Friction Test Stand

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CESM303-COF is a package for COF testing. All items that are needed to perform a COF test is included.

The speed of the COF test can be set in the ESM303 motorized test stand controller. This test stand has limit switches witch can be used to stop the cross-arm. Additional options can be added to the test stand if needed.

Static and kinetic coefficients are displayed on the backlit LCD of the M5-2-COF, and are calculated from a user-programmable sled weight.

ESM303 included items
Included ESM303 Motorized Test Stand
Selectable speed setting. Password Protection of test parameters.

M5-2-COF COF Force Gauge
Calculates static and kinetic coefficient of friction. Sled weight is inserted in gauge menu for calculation of COF.


G1086 Coefficient of Friction fixture

COF table, sled and string.

Included 09-1214 Cable
Force Gauge to test stand communication cable
Included 09-1158 Cable
Force Gauge to test stand communication cable

AF012 Overload Protection

Optional AF013 Auto Return
Optional 15-1005 Data Acquisition Software


The ESM303 motorized test stand can be used for a lot of different tests. This package with accessories is for COF testing. Additional force gauges, grips, fixtures and optional functions can be added for running other tests.

The M5-2-COF has a 2 lbf capacity, because COF forces are very low forces. If other tests will be performed you will likely need a higher capacity force gauge for those tests.

Static and kinetic coefficients are displayed on the backlit LCD of the M5-2-COF, and are calculated from a user-programmable sled weight.


ESM303 Features

  • Selectable speed setting 0.5 - 13 in/min (13 - 330 mm/min)
  • Upper and lower travel limit switches
  • Password protection of test parameters
  • Compact footprint, suitable for crowded workbenches
  • Stepper motor-driven, producing smooth and quiet operation with no speed variation under load

Click here for the ESM303 product page for more detailed information. 

    M5-2-COF Features 

    The M5-2-COF performs COF calculations by dividing the force by the sled weight. For example, a force of 100 gF divided by 200 g equals 0.5 COF. Although many COF testing applications require a sled weight of 200 g, the gauge allows the user to change the sled weight to comply with other requirements. To modify the sled weight, select COF from the menu.
    Average mode is used to obtain an average force over time. This reading also represents the kinetic coefficient of friction for the M5-2-COF gauge. The minimum force required to start the averaging sequence. Initial delay follows the trigger force.


    G1086 COF Fixture Features

    • Work table
      • Sample clamp
      • Built-in level
      • Low friction pulley
      • Surface material: 6061 T6 aluminum
      • Mounts directly to the ESM303 motorized test stand
    • Sled
      • Material: 303 SS
      • Weight: 200 g
    • Maximum sled travel: 10.5 in (265 mm)

    Click here for the G1086 product page for more detailed information.


    Optional Accessories
    09-1214 Interface Cable
    Interface cable for Mark-10 force gauges to Mark-10 test stands, gauge to test stand cross-head.  Compatible Instruments Force Gauges and Indicators-Series 7, 5 and 4 Test Stands-ESM303, ESM750 and ESM1500
    09-1158 USB Cable
    USB cable, type B to A. The length of the cable is 6 ft. Compatible Instruments Communication from the following instruments to a PC. Test Stands:  ESM303, ESM750, ESM1500
    15-1004, Mesurgauge Software
    MESUR™gauge and MESUR™gauge Plus expand the functionality of force and torque measuring instruments and test stands. Both programs share the ability to capture and display data in graphical format for load vs. time or load vs. travel vs. time. MES...
    Optional Functions for ESM303
    Functions being added to the ESM303 that were not originally purchased require a request code when placing the order.  Directions for retrieving request code: While in normal operating mode, press and hold STOP, then press menu simultaneously,...
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