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90 Degree Peel Fixture

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This fixture is designed for the testing of adhesives, films, and packaging, as per ASTM D6862. A large flat working table with mounting holes accommodates a range of sample sizes. As the test stand crosshead moves vertically, the table moves horizontally, maintaining a 90° angle between the table and the direction of pull. The table is connected to the crosshead via a cable.

A limit switch option is available for motorized test stands to prevent cable breakage due to excessive movement.

  • Maintains 90° angle between the table and the direction of pull
  • Large working area with threaded mounting holes
  • Rugged design
  • Maximum peel force: 5 lbF (25 N)
  • Maximum table travel: 8.2 in (210 mm)
  • Compatible with the following test stands: ESM303, ES30, and ESM1500 (when equipped with optional AC1055 base plate). Recommended for use with a motorized test stand. Includes mounting hardware for these stands.
  • Compatible only with force gauges (not force sensors and load cells).