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The Nordic Accessory is an accessory that makes the KFORCE Muscle Controller easier to handle. It replaces the classic grip and allows the dynamometer to be fixed to a barbell for support on a stable plane. It fits very well for the Nordic Hamstrings Test as well as other evaluations or exercises requiring a dependent non-operator measurement.

Sold as a pair.

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Max strength evaluation

This assessment tests the maximal capacity of a muscle group in a specific situation. The max corresponds to 100% of the strength abilities. It is related to a short and strong physical effort and it is very helpful as a work reference. The most relevant measured parameter is the Force Peak.

Strength endurance evaluation

This assessment allows to measure the ability to keep a physical effort over time. It is related to a long and sustained effort. The most relevant measurement indicator to describe the stamina is the average of the strength kept on a long given time. This evaluation highlights the fatigue rate of force as well.

Configuration Screen

Exercises are customizable in order to train the patient or athlete on a targeted zone and optimize the work. Following the assessment results, the target zone is adjustable to a percentage of the max evaluation.

Repetition Counts

Based on the assessment reference, you will train your patients on a specific number of repetitions to reach a specific target (% of the max). With the Reps Counts, you will control in real-time the achievement as well as the pace of the repetitions. A repetition is counted when there is a muscles contraction & release cycle.

Isometric Exercise

On the opposite of the Reps count, this exercise requires a sustained and static movement instead of squeeze & release contraction cycles. It implies to keep the muscle contraction while keeping a steady position, and it requires control and accuracy of the level of strength. You can set a target for your patients.

On more challenging

Meet Karl, the KINVENT’s kangaroo who moves in different playful setups. The games are customizable in order to train the patient or athlete with fun and towards a target, which can be adjusted in terms of percentage of the Max Evaluation, depending on the assessment results. Moreover, there are 10 levels of difficulty for each game, proposing an extra challenge to the patient/athlete.


Karl is a Scuba Diver! Your patient will have fun controlling motion and strength in order to avoid the mean fishes while collecting a fortune of pearls and diamonds.


This rehab-game makes Karl evolve with his hang-gliding in the desert. Controlling their strength and motion in order to make Karl avoid the cactus while collecting as much as possible of tree-leaf and butterflies, your patient will be happy to play.


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KINVENT Essential Pack
Kinvent KINVENT Essential Pack
SKU: Kforce-Essential-Pack-V3

Pack includes:

  • 1 year subscription to Starter License of K-Physio App (KForce App)
  • K-Push (Muscle Controller Dynamometer)
  • K-Force Plates
  • K-Move (Digital Goniometer)
  • Twin Handle
  • Bag
Sale price$3,790.00 USD
KINVENT Rehab Pack
Kinvent KINVENT Rehab Pack
SKU: Rehab-Pack-V3

Includes 1 year subscription to KForce Pro, Muscle Controller, Plates, Grip, Sens, Bubble, Link, Twin Handle, Bag

Sale price$7,490.00 USD
KINVENT Physio Sport Pack
Kinvent KINVENT Physio Sport Pack
SKU: Physio-Sport-Pack

Includes 1 year subscription to KForce Pro Plus, Muscle Controller x2, Plates, Grip, Sens, Bubble, Link, Twin Handle, Nordic accessory x2, Jump Frame, Bag

Sale price$9,690.00 USD
KINVENT Physio App (KFORCE App)KFORCE APP, Software, Kinvent
Kinvent KINVENT Physio App (KFORCE App)
SKU: Physio-Demo, Physio-Starter-Monthly, Physio-Starter-Yearl...
  • Compatible with Kinvent physiotherapy instruments.
Sale priceFrom $0.00 USD
KINVENT K-FORCE PLATES Lightweight Force PlatesKINVENT K-FORCE PLATES Lightweight Force Plates
Kinvent KINVENT K-FORCE PLATES Lightweight Force Plates
  • Static and dynamic balance in a wide range of movements (Stance, Squats, Counter Movement Jump)
Sale price$2,690.00 USD
K-Push, Hand-Held Strength Testing DynamometerK-Push, Hand-Held Strength Testing Dynamometer
Kinvent K-Push, Hand-Held Strength Testing Dynamometer
  • Maximal force, endurance and muscular symmetry measurement
Sale price$990.00 USD
K-Pull, Pull/Traction DynamometerK-Pull, Pull/Traction Dynamometer
Kinvent K-Pull, Pull/Traction Dynamometer
  • Can be used to assess larger muscle groups because it can be secured to a table, wall bars...
Sale price$1,390.00 USD
KINVENT KFORCE Grip Hand DynamometerKINVENT KFORCE Grip Hand Dynamometer
Kinvent KINVENT KFORCE Grip Hand Dynamometer
  • Connects to KFORCE App to monitor the patient’s or athlete’s progress.
Sale price$490.00 USD
Sens Digital Goniometer for Assessing Range of MotionSens Digital Goniometer for Assessing Range of Motion
Kinvent Sens Digital Goniometer for Assessing Range of Motion
  • Measure range of motion of joints
  • Electronic app connected goniometer
Sale price$590.00 USD
KINVENT Bubble DynamometerKINVENT Bubble Dynamometer
Kinvent KINVENT Bubble Dynamometer
Sale price$1,290.00 USD
KINVENT K-Deltas Force PlatesKINVENT K-Deltas Force Plates
Kinvent KINVENT K-Deltas Force Plates
SKU: K-Deltas-V3
  • Connects to KFORCE App to monitor the patient’s or athlete’s progress.
Sale price$5,990.00 USD
Nordic Accessory, Muscle Controller Accessory, KinventNordic Accessory, Muscle Controller Accessory, Kinvent
Kinvent KINVENT Nordic Accessory
SKU: kforce-nordicaccessory
  • Accessory for KForce Muscle Controller.
Sale price$75.00 USD

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