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Mark-10 Eye End Adapter Kits


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Eye end adapters prevent grip rotation and make it easy to switch out grips.  

Model   Description Used with Thread Size Included Items
Base/Load Cell Adapter Kit
Series R03 load cells #10-32M
Eye end, anchor pin and locking ring
AC1047-1 Mark-10 Test Stands 5/16-18M
AC1047-2 Series R01 load cells with capacities 300-2000 lbF 1/2-20M
AC1047-3 Series R01 load cells with capacities 50-200 lbF 1/4-28M
Grip Adapter Kit
Grips with #10-32 threaded connection #10-32M
Eye end socket and locking ring
AC1046-1 Grips with 5/16-18 threaded connection 5/16-18M
AC1046-2 Grips with 1/2-20 threaded connection 1/2-20M
Force Gauge Adapter Kit
Force gauges with 100 lbF capacity or less #10-32F
Eye end, washer, locking ring (2), anchor pin
AC1046-1 Force gauges with 200, 300, and 500 lbF capacity 5/16-18F
AC1046-2 Force gauges with 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 lbF Capacity 1/2-20F

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Adapters to fit grips and fixtures to load cells, force gauges and test stands.
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Designed and manufactured in New York. Products come with a 3 year warranty. Great selection of products for any budget.

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