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Safety Shield


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ESM303-003 safety shield attaches to an ESM303 test stand. It protects the operator from sample debris when a sample breaks.

The shield is constructed of rugged PETG material. It rotates via ultra-smooth bearings in both the clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, guided into the open or closed positions with magnetic detents. An electrical interlock prevents test stand operation while the door is open.

For crosshead adjustment during sample loading, the FollowMe™ force-based positioning function is active even while the door is open. The FollowMe function is included with the shield, and does not need to be separately ordered with the test stand.

Compatibility Note:

FollowMe may be used in all new ESM303 test stands and existing ESM303 test stands with the following minimum firmware versions:

Front: 2.02.08
Main: 2.02.07

With earlier firmware versions, the door interlock is still operational, however FollowMe cannot be activated while the door is open. Test stand firmware upgrades are available at no charge.

| Includes

The safety shield is shipped as shown below, and includes the following accessories:

  • (1) Safety shield assembly with interlock cable
  • (1) ESM303-004 tabletop mounting kit for control panel
  • (1) Hardware for mounting shield to test stand
  • (1) Hardware for mounting control panel to tabletop mounting kit

Included items for safety shield


| Dimensions

Mark-10 Safety Shield Dimensions

| Documents

ESM303-003 Safety Shield Manual

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