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Medio Line Spring Scale 41002
Capacity: 1000 g / 2 lbs

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Pesola Medio Line Spring Scales

Pesola spring scales are inexpensive rugged devices used to measure tensile force and weight. An Internal spring mechanism allows it to test pull forces using a hook or clip. It operates without batteries making it a versatile and compact choice that is both accurate and reliable.


  • Precise, handy spring balance with durable, anodized aluminium tube and long scale of high resolution.
  • Tare and zero adjustment.
  • Tare screw with incremental rotation helps avoid inadvertent adjustment.
  • Rotatable bow allows ideal positioning of scale for reading.
  • Lower suspension swivels and rotates.
  • Always ready for use, needs no batteries.


Capacity: 1000 g / 2 lbs
Division: 10 g / 1/2 oz
Color: blue
Precision: +/- 0.3%
Tare (zero adjustment): ~ 20%
Exchange of lower suspension: "click and go" system
Components: non-corroding (clip only protected)
Net weight: 36 g
Gross weight: 50 g
Measuring position: free choice
Calibration by user: not applicable (only by manufacturer)
Warranty: 3 years
Country of origin: Switzerland (CH)
Pesola Spring Scales 40600
Standard suspension: Clip
S (Scale length): 100 mm
L0 (Length without load): 220 mm
Lm (Maximum length): 320 mm
Lp (with optional pressure set 4.004): 300 mm
Ø (Diameter): 12 mm