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Vice grips are commonly used in tensile, peel, pull-to-break and other pull testing applications.

| Features and Specifications

  • Maximum Force: 200 lbF (1 kN)
  • Grip Opening: 30 mm
  • Jaw Face Width: 30 mm, 50 mm, or 100 mm
  • Scope of delivery is one grip
  • Connection Type: 5/8" [15.9 mm] Eye End
Part Number Jaw Types Dimensions (mm) Weight Per Pair
JLW-1kN-Jaw-Pyramid-30x30 Pyramid 30x30 .13 kg
JLW-1kN-Jaw-Pyramid-30x50 Pyramid 30x50 .22 kg
JLW-1kN-Jaw-Pyramid-30x100 Pyramid 30x100 .46 kg
JLW-1kN-Jaw-Rubber-30x30 Rubber 30x30 .13 kg
JLW-1kN-Jaw-Rubber-30x50 Rubber 30x50 .23 kg
JLW-1kN-Jaw-Rubber-30x100 Rubber 30x100 .46 kg
JLW-1kN-Jaw-Wave-30x30 Wave 30x30 .13 kg
JLW-1kN-Jaw-V-30x30 V-Jaw pitch of 1mm 30x30 .13 kg

|Jaw Types

  • Rubber coated jaws are used for relatively fragile samples weakened by pinching at the edge of the grip face - monofilaments, film, single fibers, threads, fabrics, and plastic tapes. Rubber jaws are universally applicable for soft notch-sensitive samples like paper, foils, cellulose, etc.
  • Pyramid jaws are used for clamping plastics and soft materials. also called ‘pyramid’, Pyramid jaws are universally used for notch-insensitive samples like, e.g., metal, wood, plastics, gypsum, etc.
  • Wave jaws are for testing ‘slippery’ test samples including tissues, textiles, and fabrics. Wave jaws can be applied for notch-sensitive samples, fibers, tissues. The waves provide better distribution of traction force within the tissue.
  • V Jaws are designed for testing round test bars, wire, tubing and rod. V-jaws can be used for notch-insensitive round-shaped samples.

If assistance is needed on choosing a grip or jaw face please contact us.

| Dimensions [mm]

 Tensile Testing Vice Grip