How KINVENT Solves Physical Therapy Issues & FAQ

Measuring hand grip strength, balance and range of motion is critical, but many physical therapists have had no way to accurately capture and save patient data, in real-time… until now.

KINVENT digital measurement devices are now available through JLW Instruments in the US, who is also the sole calibration partner. Below is how KINVENT products solve common physiotherapy problems and provide a better experience for both patient and physical therapist.

Problems Solved

Bad Patient Experience

  • For the patient: receive accurate and precise screening without relying on subjective, “feel-based” methods like the empty can test
  • For the health professional: save time with built it protocols, fast measurements, and automated reports, and see more patients

Lack of Patient Trust

  • For the patient: receive a tailored protocol and training plan
  • For the health professional: increase patient engagement and motivation

Slow Progress

  • For the patient: see progress through the KINVENT app
  • For the health professional: show proof of progress to insurance to prescribe additional sessions

Lack of Motivation

  • For the patient: quicker recovery thanks to more precise and reliable assessments, and visibility into progress
  • For the health professional: Charge extra for using precise measurements and building tailored plans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: How can I cost-justify an investment in KINVENT equipment?
  • A: KINVENT takes less time to measure than with other equipment so you can see more patients/clients, helps accelerate their progress, increases their engagement in their rehabilitation and training (decreases no-shows), and increases positive reviews and referrals.
  • Q: Why should I pay for a recurring subscription?
  • A: The KINVENT Physio App captures all diagnostic information and provides reporting for you, the client/patient, referring physicians, and insurance companies. You can also unlock full potential of the app, including gaming as part of the rehabilitation/training, and you can buy a multi-year subscription upfront to get a better deal.
  • Q: How can I trust your products?
  • A: KINVENT products are used by professional and university sports programs, physical therapists, sports medicine practitioners, industrial hygienists worldwide. All KINVENT digital measurement devices are approved by the FDA and CE (Europe) and have been clinically validated.
  • Q: Why should I evaluate KINVENT digital measurement devices?
  • A: To see how you can revolutionize rehabilitation and training for your clients/patients firsthand.


If you are a sports medicine physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor, JLW Instruments can provide you with a demo unit or online demo so you can see how quickly KINVENT enables you to:

  • Assess: evaluate patient performance in seconds, including grip strength, balance, and range of motion
  • Report: share real-time biofeedback data with your patients, so they'll be more invested in their progress, motivated, and see lasting results
  • Customize: personalize rehab programs with precise and adapted goals
  • Standardize: up to 20 devices can be connected to help ensure standardized treatment even when different therapists treat the same patient
  • Gamify: use gaming to make rehabilitation fun and engaging with targeted rehab for children and adults

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