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Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are an integral part of applications throughout numerous industries. They are most commonly used in oil & gas, medical, and general manufacturing, as well as food & beverage.

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Models: JLW-Canners, JLW-Canners-CERT
JLW Instruments
  • Size: 2" [50 mm]
  • Range: Vacuum, 0-30" Hg
$45.00 to $90.00
Models: 4001-4LG
  • 4" Dial Size, 0-200 PSI
Regular price $92.00
Models: 4001-4L
Regular price $57.00
Models: 4001-4LG-GF
Regular price $92.00
Models: 163930
Ametek USG
Regular price $13.00
Models: P844UK
Ametek USG
Regular price $16.00