JLW Instruments was incorporated in 1983. For over 40 years our family business has been serving our customers’ needs.

JLW Instruments began as a manufacturer of pump tank fire extinguishers and a calibration laboratory servicing only dead weight pressure testers. Realizing that the manufacturing company was a competing priority, we sold the fire extinguisher business in 1994. Today, JLW Instruments concentrates on selling force instruments, material testing machines, torque instruments, pressure/temperature instruments and industrial weigh scales. Our service department has been A2LA accredited (certificate #1753.01since 2001. Not only do we calibrate instruments, but we repair them as well.

Solutions for product selection

JLW is all about solutions for your testing applications. We bring you technical guidance and quality support. Your testing requirements are reviewed by trained application specialists and factory trained technicians. Because we distribute products from many manufacturers, we are able to recommend the most appropriate instrument for your testing needs. We work within your budget and strive to meet all delivery requirements. Consultation and training is available.

Calibration and repair services

Our JLW scope of accredited calibration services cover:

  • Force Instruments: gauges, load cells, transducers, dynamometers, hydraulic grip and pinch gauges
  • Pressure Instruments: Pneumatic gauges, pneumatic transducers, vacuum gauges
  • Torque Instruments: Indicating Torque Tools and torque watches, torque screwdrivers, wrenches and multipliers

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