Strength and Ergonomic Analysis

Equipment for evaluating functional capacity of patients in rehab, typically used by a physical therapist. Some of this same equipment is used in ergonomic studies. We have a large assortment of hand dynamometers, pinch gauges and ergonomic force gauge kits to choose from.


KINVENT is involved in all fields of Biomechanics equipment, in sports and rehabilitation.

The KFORCE devices can be used in a large variety of force and movement analysis testing. The KFORCE devices communicate to a user-friendly KFORCE App. The app can be downloaded onto an Android or ios tablet.

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Calibration and Repair Services

ISO/IEC 17025 by the A2LA (Certificate #1753.01).

Our customers rely on us for accurate measurement data, speedy turn-around times, and fair prices. JLW Instruments Repair Department is known industry-wide for repairing new generation instruments as well as obsolete ones too. We have a large inventory of spare and legacy parts not available from any other source.

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