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Grips, Fixtures and Adapters

JLW Instruments offers a wide variety of grips and fixtures to suit your industry and testing applications.

Wedge Grips

  • Self-tightening wedge grips for tensile testing. 
  • Easy clamping and unclamping action makes specimen loading fast.
  • Self-tightening wedge design eliminates slippage.
  • Available at higher capacities than most other tension grips.
  • Can be used for tensile testing of wires, plastics, metals, elastomers.

Vice Grips

  • Vice grips are versatile grips used in tensile, peel and some compression testing applications.
  • The side action screw allows for different thicknesses of samples and can be offset. 
  • Jaws can be changed to different surfaces including pyramid (crosscut), rubber, wave and v-jaw. Tensile vice grips are available up to 9 kN. 

Compression Plates

  • Compression platens can be used for a variety of tests including top load testing, crush tests and cycle testing applications.
  • Round or rectangular available for different sizes of samples to be tested.
  • Fixed or self-aligning platens.
  • Available in steel for testing harder materials or aluminum for softer materials.

Eccentric Roller Grips

  • Testing flat samples, rubber, plastic film, plastic dumbbells, paper, cardboard, sheet metal and foils.
  • Self-tightening as tension increases and the sample gets thinner, the sample will not slip out.
  • Faces crosscut or plain roller and rubber lined grip body. Rubber faces prevent damage to the test sample.
  • We have a range of different grip widths available to suit different widths of samples.

Bollard Grips (Wire & Rope Grips)

  • Pull testing wire, cords, filament, yarn, narrow ribbons and rope.
  • Specimen twist one or more times around the capstan before being fixed with clamping jaws.

Wire Terminal Grips

  • Grips for pull testing wire terminals, wire, cables, connectors.

Coefficient of Friction (COF) Fixtures

  • Kinetic (moving) and static (starting) resistance of one surface being pulled across another.

Peel Fixtures

  • 90 degree, 45 degree (yogurt foil peel), loop tack peel, climbing drum fixture.
  • Testing bonded structures, tapes, laminated surfaces, adhesives and more.

Component Grips

Bend Fixtures

  • 3 and 4-point bend testing fixtures
  • Used in testing for flexural modulus, flexural strength, and flexural yield strength.

Pneumatic Grips

  • Pneumatic grips are ideal with samples sensitive to clamping forces and when high specimen throughput is required.
  • Gripping force can be controlled by adjusting the air pressure provided to the grip. 
  • Increased repeatability of test results because gripping force is constant
  • Quicker and simpler to operate than screw-action grips

Puncture Fixtures

  • Puncture resistance of plastic films, fabric, geomembranes, and other materials
  • Lower fixture with clamp to hold specimen while a probe is lowered penetrating the sample.
  • Results typically measured with this type of tests are peak force and penetration distance.

Torque Grips

Packaging Fixtures

Clevis Grips and Hooks

Force Gauge Attachments

Thread Adapters and Eye Ends

  • Adapters to mount grips and fixtures to test stands, load cells and force gauges.
  • Models are available to mount to any brand of equipment.
  • If you don't see what you need please contact us and we can offer the appropriate part.

Mark-10 Grips and Fixtures

  • Grips and fixtures for tension, compression and torque applications.
  • Wedge Grips, Compression Plates, Vice Grips, Wire Grips, Peel Fixtures...
  • Eye end adapters may be used with some gauges and sensors for quick-change convenience and compatibility with third party equipment.

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