JLW Becomes an Authorized Distributor & Exclusive Calibration Partner for KINVENT Digital Measurement Devices

Physical therapist, chiropractors, sports medicine physicians, and trainers now have the ability to track and measure the patient experience using the K-FORCE App and the most reliable diagnostic instruments available

Chicago, January 4, 2023 – JLW Instruments has become an authorized distributor and exclusive calibration partner of the revolutionary new KINVENT line of digital, wireless measuring devices. KINVENT dynamometers, movement and pressure sensors, and force plates quickly and accurately measure and report patient progress with the KFORCE App. When patients see progress, they are more engaged, and miss fewer appointments.

A Patient Assessment Breakthrough

Measuring hand grip strength, balance and range of motion is critical, but many physical therapists have had no way to accurately capture and save patient data, in real time… until now.

According to Wayne Fetman, co-owner of JLW Instruments, “The KINVENT line of measuring devices is a breakthrough in measuring real-time results and progress in your patients. JLW has been calibrating and servicing hand, pinch, and other ergonomic force gauges for over 25 years and we became a partner because of KINVENT’s innovations.”

Co-owner Linda Center added, “The #1 complaint from our customers is the durability of hand dynamometers and pinch gauges is poor. The KINVENT Smart dynamometers are far more reliable and have a 2-year warranty. Other brands of digital instruments cost more.”

Fetman went on to say, “It’s a combination of the two: more durable and more accurate measurements.”


The KFORCE mobile application has been specially designed to assess physical therapy progress objectively and precisely in a few clicks. This helps therapists individualize rehabilitation and sports assessment in accordance with each patient’s capabilities.

“It’s important for our customers to know that they’re really buying the K-FORCE App and its ability to capture real-time biometric data from patients – then buying the instruments for capturing patient data,” Fetman said. “The reporting can be shared with patients and referring physicians to identify progress.”

KORCE Therapy Muscle Controller Use & Reporting


Physical Therapy Reporting Benefits

Accurate, real-time reporting of physical therapy progress using the KINVENT KFORCE App offers the following advantages for forward-thinking physicians and physiotherapists.

  1. Prolong Patient Engagement

When you share real-time biofeedback data with your patients, they’ll be more invested in their progress, for lasting results. In a recent study, physiotherapists using KINVENT reported a 50% Increase in patient engagement.

  1. Increase Insurance Reimbursement

With precise data through the KINVENT platform, you’ll be able to show proof of measurement to insurance companies, giving you higher reimbursement fees. BTE Technologies recently highlighted that when physiotherapeutic activity is function-oriented and can be measured accurately to document progress, it may allow clinics to earn up to $10,400 more per clinician.

  1. Increase Doctor Referrals

By showing doctors real, measurable data on the progress of their patients, you’ll get a professional partner for the long term, and more referrals in the future. The American Physical Therapy Association (APA) has stated that data-driven outcome measurements are a key component of demonstrating value to consumers and payers.

  1. Reduce Patient No-Shows

Patients who can see the results of their continued work and dedication, are inspired to show up, time and time again. Physiotherapists reported no-show rates of up to 31% on average, in a peer-reviewed study published in PLOS ONE.

  1. Create Customized Protocols

KINVENT software allows you to build personalized training programs with your patients, which can be shared throughout multiple offices.

  1. See More Patients Faster

With precise data on your side, you’ll be able to work more efficiently with your patients, allowing you to work with more of them, in less time.

KFORCE Plates Use & Reporting


If you are a sports medicine physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor, JLW Instruments can provide you with a demo so you can see how quickly KINVENT measures patient progress and enables you to:

  • Assess: evaluate patient performance in seconds, including grip strength, balance, and range of motion
  • Report: share real-time biofeedback data with your patients, so they'll be more invested in their progress, motivated, and see lasting results
  • Customize: personalize rehab programs with precise and adapted goals
  • Standardize: up to 20 devices can be connected to help ensure standardized treatment even when different therapists treat the same patient
  • Gamify: use gaming to make rehabilitation fun and engaging with targeted rehab for children and adults

About JLW Instruments

JLW Instruments provides testing consultation, sales, training, servicing, and calibration of force instruments, material testing machines, torque instruments, pressure/temperature instruments and industrial weigh scales. Testing requirements are reviewed by factory trained application specialists who will recommend the most appropriate instrumentation based on experience distributing and servicing products from many manufacturers over the past 30 years. JLW’s service department has been A2LA accredited (Certificate #1753.01) since 2001. JLW is also a factory authorized and exclusive calibration provider for the revolutionary KINVENT line of digital, wireless measuring devices, including dynamometers, movement and pressure sensors, and force plates. More: https://jlwforce.com


Founded in 2017 by a biomechanics engineer, KINVENT utilizes its engineering background and innovative capabilities to help professionals assess, motivate and follow-up a patient’s progress involved in all fields of biomechanics equipment, sports and rehabilitation. KINVENT technologies are light, wireless, precise and user friendly. Since the company’s founding and invention of the KFORCE App, the KINVENT product line has become a crucial and central element in physical therapy care and has been adopted by professionals around the world, including clinics, hospitals and professional sports teams. More: https://k-invent.com

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