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F305 Tensile test with G1061 wedge grips.F305 shown with peel test fixture
Mark-10 F105, F305, F505, F505H Advanced Motorized Test Stand
Models: F105-IM, F305-IM, F505-IM, F105-IMT, F305-IMT, ...
  • Available capacities of 100 lbF, 300 lbF, 500 lbF.
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PRAXIS 3-500 Ergonomic Force GaugePRAXIS 3-500 Ergonomic Force Gauge
JLW Instruments PRAXIS 3-500 Ergonomic Force Gauge
Models: PRAXIS 3-500
  • Includes: M5 Force Gauge, Double Handles, In-line Cradle with Eye Hook, Hook with Latch, Curved Padded Attachment, Charger, Carrying Case, NIST Cert
Sale price$905.00
LD-Motorized Test Stand-[vendor]LD-Motorized Test Stand-[vendor]
Lloyd Instruments LD5, LD10, LD30, LD50, LD100 Dual Column Material Test System
Models: LD5, LD10, LD30, LD50, LD100
  • Available with capacities of 5 kN, 10 kN, 30 kN and 50 kN.
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BL5001-Hand Dynamometer-[vendor]
B&L Engineering BL5001 Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer
Models: BL5001
Sale price$229.95 Regular price$249.00
-Crane Scale-[vendor]-Crane Scale-[vendor]
Dillon AP Series, 5" Dial Dynamometer
Models: 30006-0019, 30006-0027, 30006-0035, 30006-0043,...
  • Capacities from 500 to 20,000 lbs
Sale priceFrom $1,355.00
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ESM303 Motorized Test StandESM303 Motorized Test Stand
Mark-10 ESM303 Motorized Test Stand
Models: ESM303
  • Capacity: 300 lbF [1.5 kN]
  • Travel: 18 in [457 mm]
  • A-la-carte platform allows for custom configuration as appropriate for the application and budget. 
5030J1-Hand Dynamometer-[vendor]
Jamar Jamar (5030J1), Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer
Models: 5030J1
Sale price$270.53
ES30, 200 lbF Manual Test StandES30 Included Items
Mark-10 ES30, 200 lbF Manual Test Stand
Models: ES30
  • Capacity: 200 lbF
  • Max Travel: 13 in
Sale price$945.25 Regular price$995.00
Erichsen Model 343 Hydraulic Force Gauge with Sensor Center HoleErichsen Model 343 Hydraulic Force Gauge with Sensor Center Hole
Erichsen Erichsen Model 343 Hydraulic Force Gauge with Sensor Center Hole
Models: 343A-1-1kN-F, 343A-1-1.6kN-F, 343A-1-1.6kN-H, 3...
Sale priceFrom $3,187.00
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PG-60-Pinch Gauge-[vendor]
B&L Engineering PG-60, Mechanical Pinch Gauge
Models: PG-60
  • 0-60 lb
Sale price$229.00
DFE3 Series Force Gauges
Chatillon DFE3 Series Force Gauges
Models: DFE3-002, DFE3-010, DFE3-025, DFE3-050, DFE3-10...
  • 0.2% of FS accuracy
Sale price$1,495.80 Regular price$1,662.00
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Series 3 Force Gauges (M3)Series 3 Force Gauges (M3)
Mark-10 Series 3 Force Gauges (M3)
Models: M3-012, M3-025, M3-05, M3-2, M3-5, M3-10, M3-20...
  • 0.3% of FS accuracy
Sale priceFrom $660.25 Regular price$695.00
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CS2-225-Motorized Test Stand-[vendor]CS2-225-Motorized Test Stand-[vendor]
Chatillon CS2-225 and CS2-1100 Motorized Test Stand
Models: CS2-225, CS2-1100
  • CS2-225, 225 lbF capacity
  • CS2-1100, 1100 lbF capacity
  • Save and recall test setups
  • 2 in 1 Laptop Console
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WGX50 Wedge Grip
JLWForce WGX50 Wedge Grip
Models: WGX50-P17, WGX50-P30, WGX50-V17, WGX50-V30
  • Capacity: 50 kN [11,250 lbF]
  • Jaw width: 80 mm
Sale price$2,860.00
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TCM350E-115-B-Motorized Test Stand-[vendor]TCM350E-115-B-Motorized Test Stand-[vendor]
Chatillon TCM100 and TCM350 Motorized Test Stands
Models: TCM100S-115-A, TCM100S-115-B, TCM100E-115-A, TC...
  • Capacity: 100 & 350 lbF
Sale priceFrom $4,616.10 Regular price$5,129.00
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VG200, 200 lbF Vice Grip with Jaw OptionsVG200, 200 lbF Vice Grip with Jaw Options
JLWForce VG200, 200 lbF Vice Grip with Jaw Options
Models: VG200-P30, VG200-P50, VG200-P80, VG200-P100, VG...
  • Force capacity: 1 kN (200 lbF)
  • Jaw sizes (mm): 30 x 30, 30 x 50, 30x80, 30x100
  • Jaw types: Pyramid, Rubber, V-Jaw and Wave
  • Opening: 0-30 mm
Sale priceFrom $340.00
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-Crane Scale-[vendor]-Crane Scale-[vendor]
Dillon EDjunior Dynamometer
Models: AWT05-506317, AWT05-506318, AWT05-506319, AWT05...
  • Capacities from 2,500 to 25,000 lbs
Sale priceFrom $1,685.00
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A15.8/8-12/6, Male 5/8" Eye End to Male Instron Type Om FittingA15.8/8-12/6, Male 5/8" Eye End to Male Instron Type Om Fitting
JLWForce A15.8/8-12/6, Male 5/8" Eye End to Male Instron Type Om Fitting
Models: A15.8/8-12/6
  • 5/8" [15.8 mm] male eye end with 8 mm diameter pin
  • Instron Type Om fitting, 12 mm with 6 mm pin
Sale price$116.00
JLW-Canners, Canners Vacuum Gauge
JLW Instruments JLW-Canners, Canners Vacuum Gauge
Models: JLW-Canners, JLW-Canners-CERT
  • Size: 2" [50 mm]
  • Range: Vacuum, 0-30" Hg
Sale priceFrom $45.00
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-Compression Plates-[vendor]
Mark-10 G1087, G1087-1 Compression Plates
Models: G1087, G1087-1
  • Steel compression plate 
  • Diameter of 2.2 or 3.78 inch
  • 5/8" eye end connection.
Sale priceFrom $104.50 Regular price$110.00
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