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Hellerman Calibration Tie Tools EVO

Calibrating cable tie tools is necessary to ensure that the tension settings on the tool remain accurate. 

JLW Instruments will calibrate the Hellerman EVO7 and EVO9 cable tie tool for $50 (quantity discounts are available). With a calibration you will receive a certificate detailing what the tension value was before calibration and after calibration.

JLW instruments service department has been A2LA accredited (certificate #1753.01) since 2001. Besides calibrating Hellerman cable tie tools we also calibrate force, torque, and pressure instruments. We also calibrate strength analysis equipment.

If a repair is required please contact the manufacturer. JLW Instruments will perform calibrations but we do not do the repairs on this equipment.


Sending in Your Device for Calibration



  • Submit your information in the form below or call us at 312-666-0595 to receive an RMA.
  • Ship the parts to be calibrated, along with a copy of the RMA to the address below.
JLW Instruments
14 N. Peoria St, Suite B-101
Chicago, IL 60607
  • Turn around time is 3-5 business days.