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JLW-Canners, Canners Vacuum Gauge

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Model: JLW-Canners

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Canning vacuum pressure gauges are designed to check the vacuum in a sealed can or jar. These gauges can be used on on canned food or drinks.

The test is performed by pressing the needle of the gauge through the top of the can. The rubber gasket seals air from entering the can. The value is shown in Hg units.

Features and Specifications

  • Size: 2" [50 mm]
  • Range: Vacuum, 0-30" Hg
  • Lower Mount
Optional Accessories
Spare Rubber Gasket Seal
Spare rubber gasket for JLW-Canners canning pressure gauge.
Spare Canners Puncture Probe
Spare puncture probe/needle for JLW-Canners canning pressure gauge.
Spare Canners Gauge Retainer Nut
Spare retainer nut for a JLW-Canners canning pressure gauge.