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Digital Force Gauge


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The CHATILLON® DFX-II Series is an economical digital force gauge ideal for applications where users are interested in basic peak force measurement. The DFX is available in four capacities (10lbf, 50 lbf, 100 lbf, 200 lbf).

| Specifications

Accuracy 0.3% of Full Scale
Data Outputs -
Sampling Rate 1,000 Hz
Power Reachargeable NimH Battery Pack, Universal Charger
Data Storage -
Calibration Certificate of Conformance included, NIST & ISO are Optional
Warranty 1 Year
Capacities 10 lbf, 50 lbf, 100 lbf, 200 lbf
Measuring Units lbF, ozF, gF, kgF, N (Depends on model)
Safe Overload 150% of Full Scale

    | Capacity x Resolution

    Model lbF ozF gF kgF N
    DFX2-010 10 x 0.01 160 x 0.2 5000 x 5 5 x 0.005 50 x 0.05
    DFX2-050 50 x 0.05 800 x 1 25000 x 20 25 x 0.02 250 x 0.2
    DFX2-100 100 x 0.1 1600 x 2 50000 x 50 50 x 0.05 500 x 0.5
    DFX2-200 200 x 0.2 - - 100 x 0.1 1000 x 1


    • Flat Adapter
    • Hook Adapter
    • DFX II Universal Battery Charger
    • DFX II Carrying Case
    • Certificate of Conformance (NIST or ISO are available as options)

    | Dimensions in[mm]

    DFXii Dimensional Drawing


    Model Load Cell Thread
    DFX2-010 - DFX2-100 #10-32M
    DFX2-200 5/16-18M UNC


    |  Downloads

    |  Force Gauge Comparison

    Series DFX2 (DFX-II) DFE2 (DFE-II) DFS2 (DFS-II)
    Chatillon DFX-II Digital Force Gauge Chatillon DFE-II Digital Force Gauge Chatillon DFS-II Digital Force Gauge
    Capacities 10 to 200 lbf
    50 to 1,000 N
    2 to 500 lbf
    10 to 2,500 N
    0.5 to 500 lbf
    2.5 to 2,500 N
    Accuracy 0.3% FS 0.25% FS 0.2% FS
    Data Outputs - USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, Analog
    Calibration Cert. of Conformance included. NIST & ISO Optional NIST Included. ISO Optional



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    AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Force Measurements Instruments. This includes a wide variety of testing as for the Industries of; Plastics, Metals, Textile, Rubber, Paper, Food, Chemical, Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Military, Packaging, Construction Cosmetics and many more… Design, manufacture and deliver products under the well known brands; Chatillon Force Measurement, Chatillon Scales, Lloyd Material Testing.

    Calibration Services

    A2LA Certificate
    • Accurate measurement data, speedy turn-around times, and fair prices.

    • Recalibration Recall System tracks and reminds you of service dates.

    • Archived calibration records for 7 years.

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