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Load Cells

CLC Series Load Cell for CS Test Stands

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Model: CLC-250G

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The CLC Series are full bridge strain gauged load cells complete with 15-pin plug.

When connected to a CS Series test machine, the capacity and calibration points are automatically recognized by the machine and it becomes a full-featured load measurement instrument.



Model Number gf lbf kgf N
CLC-250G 250 0.5 0.25 2.5
CLC-0002 1000 2 1 10
CLC-04-5 2500 5 2.5 20
CLC-0010 5000 10 5 50
CLC-0020 - 20 10 100
CLC-0050 - 50 25 250
CLC-0100 - 100 50 500
CLC-0200 - 200 100 1000
CLC-0500 - 500 250 2500
CLC-1000 - 1000 500 5000



CLC Series Load Cell

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