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Competitor Force Gauge Mounting Kit


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Adapters are available to mount competitor gauges to Mark-10 test stands, and Mark-10 gauges to competitor test stands.

Note: When ordering models AC1020 through AC1025 with an ES10 or ES20 test stand, the optional AC1060 mounting plate is suggested. This ensures axial alignment between the force gauge loading shaft and the threaded holes in the base.

Part No. Compatible Gauges Compatible Stands
AC1020 Chatillon DFE/DFS/DFX/LG
ES10, ES20, ES30, ESM, ESM303, ESM301(L)
AC1021 Chatillon DFM
AC1022 Chatillon DFIS
AC1023 Mecmesin AFG/BFG
AC1024 Imada ZT/Z2/DS2/DPZ/DPS
AC1025 Shimpo FGV/FGE
AC1037 Chatillon DFE/DFS/DFX/LG
TSA750(H), TSC1000(H), TSF(H), TSFM500(H), TSFM500(H)-DC
AC1038 Chatillon DFM
AC1039 Chatillon DFIS
AC1040 Mecmesin AFG/BFG
AC1041 Imada ZT/Z2/DS2/DPZ/DPS
AC1042 Shimpo FGV/FGE
AC1061 Mark-10 gauges, up to 500 lbF (2,500 N) max Chatillon TCD200/TCM201/LTCM
AC1069 Mark-10 gauges, up to 500 lbF (2,500 N) max Mecmesin stands


*Please call if you need help deciding on the correct mounting kit.

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