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Load Cells for Chatillon DFE, DFS, DFE II, DFS II Force Gauges

Load Cells for Chatillon DFE, DFS, DFE II, DFS II Force Gauges

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These load cells are replacement sensors for Chatillon force gauges DFE, E-DFE, DFE II, DFS, DFS II. These parts are used to replace damaged load cells in these force gauges.



Load Cell Part No.
Sensor Capacity
Where Used (Force Gauge Part Numbers)
SPK-DF-250G 250 grams [0.5 lbF] Not Used Not Used DFS-250G Not Used DFS2-250G
SPK-DF-0002 2 lbF [10 N] DFE-002 E-DFE-002 DFS-002 DFE2-002 DFS2-002
SPK-DF-0010 10 lbF [50 N] DFE-010 E-DFE-010 DFS-010 DFE2-010 DFS2-010
SPK-DF-0025 25 lbF [100 N] DFE-025 E-DFE-025 DFS-025 DFE2-025 DFS2-025
SPK-DF-0050 50 lbF [250 N] DFE-050 E-DFE-050 DFS-050 DFE2-050 DFS2-050
SPK-DF-0100 100 lbF [500 N] DFE-100 E-DFE-100 DFS-100 DFE2-100 DFS2-100
SPK-DF-0200 200 lbF [1000 N] DFE-200 E-DFE-200 DFS-200 DFE2-200 DFS2-200
SPK-DF-0500 500 lbF [2500 N] DFE-500 E-DFE-500 DFS-500 DFE2-500 DFS2-500


Spare parts including these load cells are not returnable. 

These loads cells are internal parts for the force gauge. It is recommended that only calibration technicians replace this part in the gauge. After replacing the load cell, calibration will be required. 

If you would like to send in your force gauge for this repair and calibration please send an email to or call 312-666-0595.

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