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Series SPK-DFGS-025_
Replacement Load Cells


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These load cells are replacement sensors for Chatillon force gauge Series DFGS, DGGS and DFA. These parts are used to replace damaged load cells in these force gauges.


New Part No. Old Part No. Capacity Where Used
SPK-DGGS-025A NC001846 250 gram [0.5 lbF] DGGS DFA-250G
SPK-DFGS-025B NC001846-2 2 lbF [10 N] DFGS-2 DFA-2
SPK-DFGS-025C NC001846-3 10 lbF [50 N] DFGS-10 DFA-10
SPK-DFGS-025D NC001846-4 50 lbF [250 N] DFGS-50 DFA-50
SPK-DFGS-025E NC001846-5 100 lbF [500 N] DFGS-100 DFA-100


Spare parts including these load cells are not returnable. 

These loads cells are internal parts for the force gauge. It is recommended that only calibration technicians replace this part in the gauge. After replacing the load cell, calibration will be required. 

If you would like to send in your force gauge for this repair and calibration please send an email to info@jlwinstruments.com or call 312-666-0595.




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