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DFS-II-R Force Gauges with external sensor

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SKU: DFS2-R-250G
Brand: Chatillon
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The DFS II Series with dedicated remote load cells is the ideal solution for applications that require a measurement where there is no room for the gauge. The gauge may be handheld our remotely mounted and the load cell may be placed right where it needs to be to take the reading. This is the answer if one load cell will address all of the testing needs or if multiple gauges will be used. The user can have the DFS II Series gauge where it needs to be so that a reading may be easily taken or so that it is not interfering with the test being performed. The gauge will operate the same as if it were an integral load cell and all functions will operate normally.
  • Accuracy: +/-0.1% of full scale
  • Sampling Rate: 10,000 Hz
  • Load Limits
  • Load Averaging
  • Break Detection
  • Embedded SPC (Mean, CV, Std, Dev, %Diff) - Analog, Digital and Mitutoyo Outputs
  • Display & Output Filtering
  • Overload History
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Includes: Carrying case, hook, flat, charger, USB cable, TCD Wedge Software, calibration certificate


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