Dillon EDXtreme Digital Dynamometer

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Choose a model: AWT05-506312 (EDX-1T)
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The Dillon EDXtreme Digital Dynamometer offers sophisticated communication and user-defined functions to be configured for efficient multi-tasking operations. Monitor multiple stress points from a single location and make sure your weighing operations are always accurate. 

Radio or hardwired options available with the EDXtreme offer the convenience and safety of remote operation. Additionally, data from the dynamometer(s) can be downloaded to a PC via an RS-232 connection for compilation and analysis or to generate hard-copy printouts.

The optional Communicator is an extremely powerful hand-held remote that can define the function and manage the operation of one or more EDXtreme dynamometers using wired or radio technologies. Through the programmable SOFTKEY interface, one or more Communicators can monitor multiple dynamometers within the same airspace. In multiple-link lifting arrays, the Communicator can display readings at any or all lift points and calculate the total load.


  • High capacity models are constructed of powder coated aircraft-quality alloy steel.
  • Lower capacity models are powder coated aircraft-quality aluminum.
  • On board storage (accumulation lift and store, push button, and continuous)
  • Allows the use of custom units of measurement along with multiple lines or reeving
  • Programmable functions can correct for gravitational variations
  • Wide-angle, backlit LCD provides improved readability over a wider viewing angle and low light conditions
  • Powered by two easily accessible standard C-cell batteries
  • LED light load alarm


  • Enclosure: Designed to NEMA4X/IP55. Suitable for continuous outdoor use.
  • Accuracy
    • 0.1% of capacity up to EDX-50T.
    • 0.3% of capacity for EDX-75T and above.
  • Repeatability
    • 0.1% of capacity up to EDX-50T
    • 0.3% of capacity for EDX-75T and above.
  • Proof Load
    • 150% of capacity up to EDX-75T on Load Link
    • 10% of capacity EDX-100T and above on Load Link.
  • Safe Overload: 200% of capacity.
  • Display: 128 x 64 dot-graphic LCD display shows up to 6 digits.
  • Connector: Recessed sealed connector may be used for serial communications or connection to a Communicator II remote. 
  • RS-232 Communication: Print or extract data easily. Continuous output can drive a scoreboard. Configurable poll character.
  • Calibration: Traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Certificate included with curve of readings.
  • Approval: CE on all capacities excluding 550K


Part Number Model Capacity Radio Ready Ultimate Overload Construction
AWT05-506312 EDx-1T 2,500 lbf No
2024 aluminum
AWT05-506302 EDx-1T 2,500 lbf Yes
AWT05-506313 EDx-2T 5,000 lbf No
AWT05-506303 EDx-2T 5,000 lbf Yes
AWT05-506314 EDx-5T 10,000 lbf No
AWT05-506304 EDx-5T 10,000 lbf Yes
AWT05-506315 EDx-10T 25,000 lbf No
E4340 alloy steel
AWT05-506305 EDx-10T 25,000 lbf Yes
AWT05-506316 EDx-25T 55,000 lbf No
AWT05-506306 EDx-25T 55,000 lbf Yes

Capacity X Resolution

Model Part Number lbf kgf N
EDX-1T AWT05-506312 2,500 x 2 lbf 1,000 x 1 kgf 10,000 x 10 N
EDX-2T AWT05-506313 5,000 x 5 lbf 2,000 x 2 kgf 20,000 x 20 N
EDX-5T AWT05-506314 10,000 x 10 lbf 5,000 x 5 kgf 50,000 x 50 N
EDX-10T AWT05-506315 25,000 x 20 lbf 10,000 x 10 kgf 100,000 x 100 N
EDX-25T AWT05-506316 55,000 x 50 lbf 25,000 x 20 kgf 250,000 x 200 N


Included Items

  • Plastic carrying case
  • Manual
  • 2 C-cell batteries
  • Shackles
  • NIST Certificate of Calibration


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