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Erichsen Model 329 Hydraulic Force gauge, compact low profile design

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Brand: Erichsen

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The load cell is particularly compact in height and this makes it very versatile. This particular instrument has been designed primarily for occasional force checks, for example for setting or service work, rather than continuous loading.


  • Compact design – low profile and versatile
  • Compensation on surfaces that are not straight
  • The Hydraulic Force Gauges are made out of Stainless Steel and hermetically sealed into a closed circuit filled with hydraulic oil.
  • Mechanical limits are integrated into the Hydraulic Force Gauge to minimize overload conditions. These gauges should not exceed load capacities.
  • Immune to ESD (Electro Static Discharge) and transient voltages unlike their Electronic counterparts.
  • Operate in harsh conditions where traditional Load Cells won’t operate.
  • Optional version may be ordered with Semi Rigid Stainless Tubing or Flexible Capillary Tubing. This allows the manometer to be mounted remotely from the load source. For example; in hazardous environments, tight spaces or when the load application is remote from the user. Call or email us if you want this option and we can send a quote.
  • Standard Traceable certificate comes with every gauge & 17025 Optional Certificate is available.
  • Optional scales available for all Gauges; kgf, or Lbf (N is standard). Call or email us if you want lbf or kgf and we can send a quote.


  • 2 threaded mounting holes separated 180 degrees.
  • Accuracy: 1.6% of Full Scale
  • 2 year warranty


  • Aviation (Aircraft Load monitoring)
  • Heavy Industrial Paper Textile Mills (Paper/ Textile Tension)
  • Monitor Drill/ Milling machine loads
  • Field Service tasks to verify presses
  • The 343 can be used to monitor pulling loads on Tractors / Trailers 


Model 329 Dimensions


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