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G1089, Syringe Test Fixture

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Model: G1089

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This fixture is designed to test compression force of a syringe plunger, as per ISO 7886-1 and other relevant standards. Four blank stainless steel inserts are included, and may be drilled in the field to accommodate various diameter barrels. When used with appropriate instruments, such as an ESM303 test stand and Series 7 force gauge, initial and secondary peaks may be captured, as well as average force over a period of time.

Features and Specifications

  • Secures a syringe assembly for plunger compression force testing
  • Capacity: 100 lbF [500 N]
  • Replaceable inserts, may be drilled in the field up to 0.85 in [21.6 mm] dia.
  • Removable cup tray
  • Material
    • Fixture: Nickel-plated aluminum upper and lower brackets, anodized aluminum upright supports
    • Cup plate: Nickel-plated aluminum
    • Replaceable inserts: Stainless steel
    • Compression plate: Anodized aluminum
  • Weight
    • Fixture, including cup plate and one insert: 1.89 lb (0.86 kg)
    • Compression plate: 0.08 lb (0.04 kg)

Included Items

G1089 Included Items

  • Syringe fixture
  • 4 blank inserts
  • Compression plate
  • Cup plate
  • 5/16-18 M/M stud with jam nuts

Dimensions in[mm]

G1089 Syringe Fixtures


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