Lloyd Instruments OLC Series Load Cells

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Options: 01/3988... OLC-2500-A1... 2500N
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Load cells ranging in capacity of 5 N to 100 kN. These sensors are used with the LD Series test stands.

Overload protection of 150% of load cell capacity.

The load cell accuracy is +/- 0.5%.

Models x Resolution
Model Description Capacity
01/3988 OLC-2500-A1 0.5% accuracy 2500N LR loadcell 2500 N
01/3989 OLC-5000-A1 0.5% accuracy 5000N LR loadcell 5000 N
01/3990 OLC-10K-A1 0.5% accuracy 10kN LR loadcell 10 kN
01/3992 OLC-25K-A1 0.5% accuracy 25kN LR loadcell 25 kN
01/3993 OLC-50K-A1 0.5% accuracy 50kN LR loadcell 50 kN
01/5011 OLC-100K-A1 0.5% accuracy 100kN LR loadcell 100 kN

Included Items
  • Load cell
  • Eye end adapter
  • NIST calibration certificate

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