EX250Plus and EX800PLus, Long Travel Tensile Extensometer



Long travel extensometer for Lloyd Instruments test stands. They will not work with other brands. This is for measuring sample materials like rubber, foam and other material that will have high-elongation.

We provide two long travel extensometers for materials testing; the EX250Plus and the EX800Plus.

Designed for the plastic and rubber industries to provide accurate readings of strain and extension over a large extension range.

Compatible Test Stand Models
  • LD Series - LD5, LD10, LD30, LD50, LD100
  • LS Series - LS1, LS2.5, LS5
  • EZ Series
  • LF Plus
  • LRX Plus

If you already have a test stand and want to add this extensometer to the test stand please include the model when submitting the form.





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