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Lloyd Video Extensometer

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The VE1 is a high precision video extensometer that uses a non-contacting optical measurement based on a digital camera and real time image processing to measure the longitudinal and transversal strain during tensile tests.

The VE1 extensometer offers high resolution measurement, simple preparations and an intuitive user interface.

The video extensometer measures longitudinal strain  between two applied lines at a rate of up to 100 Hz. The strain data is synchronised and transferred to Nexygen Plus software.

Strains from 20 um/m up to more than 1000% can be measured. System calibration provides measurements from a few millimetres to multiple metres.

The VE1 video extensometer saves images during the tensile test and can be used until sample break. It has a large application area and can test a wide range of materials including metals, rigid plastics, composites, ceramics, thick films etc. in both ambient and non-ambient temperature conditions.

VE1 Key Features:
- Large application area
- Templates for different test setups and applications
- Available in six sizes

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