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Series 3 (M3)
Digital Force Gauge


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Series 3 digital force gauges are designed for tension and compression force testing in numerous applications from 0.12 lbF to 500 lbF (0.5 N to 2500 N).

  • Accuracy: +/-0.3% of full scale
  • Sampling Rate: 2,000 Hz
  • Outputs: USB
  • Safe Overload: 200% of full scale
  • Measurement Units: lbF, gF, kgF, N (depending on model)
  • Large back lit graphic display
  • Peak readings always displayed
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Includes: Carrying case, chisel, cone, V-groove, hook, flat, extension rod, universal voltage AC adapter, battery, quick-start guide, USB cable, resource CD (USB driver, MESUR™Lite software, MESUR™gauge and MESUR™gauge Plus 90-day trial, and user's guide), NIST-traceable certificate of calibration (data is available for an additional charge).



|  Force Gauge Comparison

Series Series 2 Series 3 Series 4 Series 5 Series 7
Mark-10 Series 2 Digital Force Gauge Mark-10 Series 3 Digital Force Gauge Mark-10 Series 4 Digital Force Gauge Mark-10 Series 5 Digital Force Gauge Mark-10 Series 7 Digital Force Gauge
Capacities 2 to 500 lbf
10 to 2,500 N
0.12 to 500 lbf
.5 to 2,500 N
0.12 to 500 lbf
.5 to 2,500 N
0.12 to 2,000 lbf
0.5 to 10,000 N
0.12 to 500 lbf
0.5 to 2,500 N
Accuracy 0.5% FS 0.3% FS 0.2% FS 0.1% FS 0.1% FS
Data Outputs - USB USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, Analog
Calibration Cert. of Conformance included. NIST & ISO Optional NIST (No Data) Included. NIST with Data & ISO Optional NIST Included. ISO Optional


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Calibration Services

A2LA Certificate
  • Accurate measurement data, speedy turn-around times, and fair prices.

  • Recalibration Recall System tracks and reminds you of service dates.

  • Archived calibration records for 7 years.

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