Mark-10 Model 5i Force/Torque Indicator (M5i)

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The 5i advanced digital indicator is designed to work with Mark-10 remote force and torque sensors. The PTA, Plug & Test™, plug stores calibration and the configuration data. This allows swapping out of different sensor types and capacities without having to recalibrate or adjust the settings each time.



The menu structure makes it very easy to make changes to the settings. Data can be transferred to a PC or data collectors via USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo (Digimatic), or analog outputs.

MESUR™ Lite software is included with the indicator. This software can be used to export data to Excel.



  • Interchangeable force and torque sensors through Plug & Test™ technology (sensors are sold separately)
  • Sensor password protection, for preventing use of an unauthorized sensor
  • Password protection for individual keys and calibration
  • High-speed 7,000 Hz sampling rate
  • USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog outputs
  • Large backlit graphic display
  • 1,000-point data memory with statistics (min, max, mean, standard deviation) and outputs
  • Live load bar graph with set point markers
  • Programmable set points, with alarms and outputs
  • Peak readings and set points always displayed
  • Averaging mode - calculates average readings over time
  • External trigger mode - for switch contact testing or remotely stopping display update
  • Automatic data output via USB/RS-232
  • 5 selectable units of measurement
  • Configurable audio alarms and key tones
  • CE mark
  • 3 year warranty

Display Indicators

5i indicators


  • Accuracy: +/-0.1% of full scale + sensor
  • Sampling Rate: 7,000 Hz
  • Power:  AC or rechargeable battery. Multi-step low battery indicator is displayed, tester shuts off automatically when power is too low.
  • Battery life
    • Backlight on: up to 7 hours of continuous use
    • Backlight off: up to 24 hours of continuous use
  • Measurement Units: lbFin, ozF, gF, kgF, N, kN, mN
  • Output: USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo, and analog
    • USB / RS-232: Configurable up to 115,200 baud.
    • Mitutoyo: Serial BCD suitable for all Mitutoyo SPC-compatible devices.
    • Analog: ±1 VDC, ±0.25% of full scale at capacity.
    • General purpose: Three open drain outputs, one input.
    • Set points: Three open drain lines.
  • Safe Overload: 150% of full scale (display shows “OVER” at 110% and above)
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs [0.3 kg]

Included Items

 M5i Included Items

  • M5i Digital Indicator
  • Carrying Case
  • USB Cable
  • AC adapter
  • Battery
  • Resource CD
Force and torque sensors are available separately.

    Digital Indicators and Sensors Available

    Models 7i, 5i, and 3i force / torque indicators are designed for use with Mark-10’s Plug & TestTM remote force and torque sensors. All calibration and configuration data is saved within the sensors’ smart connectors - not the indicator - allowing for true interchangeability. Each sensor series is available in a range of capacities, from 0.25 to 10,000 lbF (1 N to 50 kN) full scale and from 10 ozFin to 5,000 lbFin (7 Ncm to 550 Nm) full scale. Refer to individual sensor data sheets for further details.


    Sensors that work with this indicator



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