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Inline Adapter for Mark-10 Force Gauges

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Model: AC1073-1

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These adapters allow a force gauge to be used in inline pull testing or weighing applications. A 5/16-18 threaded hole at each end is axially aligned with the load cell shaft in the force gauge, for mounting hooks or other attachments. Three adapters are offered, accommodating Mark-10 force gauges with capacities up to 500 lbF (2.5 kN). 

Included Items
  • (4) Thumb screw for force gauge
  • (1) 5/16-18 male/male stud with jam nuts

Inline Adapter Included Items

Hooks are not included. The Mark-10 G1038 hook has a 5/16-18 thread that will attach to the bracket. The hook that attaches to the force gauge is dependent on the capacity of the force gauge. 


AC1073-1, AC1073-2, AC1073-3 Inline Adapters for Force Gauges Dimensional drawing

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