Rice Lake Slotted Interlocking Cast Iron Calibration Weights

Weight: 1/2 lb Class 7
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Calibration weights for calibrating force gauges, load cells, torque instruments and more. Use these slotted weights with hanger weights for suspending weights. 

Rice Lake cast iron weights undergo a special phosphatizing process in which the metal is thoroughly cleaned and mildly etched to allow exceptional finish adhesion. The weights are then coated with a layer of chip-resistant paint which conforms to NIST Handbook 105-1 standards. This two-step process ensures a long-lasting finish that greatly reduces the possibility of corrosion. 

Part # Weight ASTM Class Dimensions
12837 0.5 lb 7 3-3/4" Dia x 7/16" H x 9/16" Slot Width
12842 1 lb 7 5" Dia x 7/16" H x 9/16" Slot Width
12848 2 lb 7 5" Dia x 3/4" H x 9/16" Slot Width
12852 5 lb 7 5-1/8" Dia x 1-1/4" H x 9/16" Slot Width
12826 10 lb 7 6-1/8" Dia x 1-9/16" H x 3/4" Slot Width
12831 20 lb 6 8-1/8" Dia x 1-7/8" H x 3/4" Slot Width
12856 50 lb 6 10-1/2" Dia x 2-1/2" H x 9/16" Slot Width


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